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Re: [pct-l] Bugs

Oh yeah, these bugs (gnats) are fairly ubiquitous this time of year, East
and West mountain ranges alike.  Here around Tucson, the canyon bottoms,
indeed, can be a living hell... but at least the gnats don't bite or sting,
but merely dive-bomb any exposed orifice.  I've concluded that they're
primarily after salt, and appear to have some sort of homing ability on
the human ear canal (earwax = good supply?)  Sunglasses and a bandana
wrapped over the ears and tied in back keep them at bay generally.  I don't
complain about them anymore, after all, they could be mosquitoes.  No
repellent necessary with the gnats.
- Blister>Free, AT '96, '97 - PCT '98
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