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[pct-l] RE on Bugs

Matthew wrote:
 I had "off" spray on and it work good on keeping all other bugs away 
     except this one. So I started using a method that always works for 
     me, even though it might look & sound funny.  I hold a small light 
     stick & wave it constantly in front of my face at a medium speed.  
     It can be any length - what ever feels comfortable and light.  It 
     always keeps these bugs out of my face - & my wrists and arms don't 
     get tired because I keep alternating the stick between them.   

        Thanks for the tip....for those of us who hike a lot in the San
Gabriels, hiking around this season means staying out of the canyon bottoms
where the gnats are worst, or doing what I call 'the San Gabriel Wave' in
front of your face, which results in an arm cramp the next day.  I'll try
your stick idea next time.....it sounds easier than holding my breath.......
Kevin Corcoran

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