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[pct-l] Bugs

     When I was hiking on the PCT this pass weekend in section D in the 
     San Gabriel mtns I encountered a lot of bugs (I think they were 
     some kind of gnat) that kept flying into my face & mouth.  I had 
     "off" spray on and it work good on keeping all other bugs away 
     except this one. So I started using a method that always works for 
     me, even though it might look & sound funny.  I hold a small light 
     stick & wave it constantly in front of my face at a medium speed.  
     It can be any length - what ever feels comfortable and light.  It 
     always keeps these bugs out of my face - & my wrists and arms don't 
     get tired because I keep alternating the stick between them.  The 
     thru hikers I met sat. were having a lot of problems with these 
     bugs too, so I told them about my method & they started using 
     sticks too.  They told me they were attracted to our faces due to 
     Co2 from our breath. Also a friend of mine that used to live back 
     East, said when they had this problem with bugs there, they would 
     wear "bounce" softener sheets under there hats.  It would work to 
     keep bugs out of their face. I've never tried that. Has anybody? I 
     hope this info helps fellows hikers out there, because if your like 
     me, I could do without the bugs - I prefer to eat normal human food 
     even though some people say insects are high in protein. - Matthew
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