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[pct-l] Thru Hikers

     I was out hiking the PCT this past sat. (17 may) in the San Gabriel 
     mtns in section D8 & D9.  I ran into 9 thru hikers.  They all seem 
     to be in good shape & doing okay. Most of them seem to be from the 
     east coast. Some of them wanted to say hi & so I told them I would 
     post their messages here.  Dave (Golden Flake) says hi.  He is from 
     Mass., started late April; doing 25 miles a day; in good shape; 
     said 29 people had started before him; said his feet had grew in 
     size so he had to get larger running shoes in Big Bear City; hopes 
     to be done in 4 months total so he can start his career as a school 
     teacher.  Michael (Trooper) from Conn. says hi.  He looks like he's 
     in good shape; lost 8 lbs; Had alot of blisters in beginning of 
     hike from Campo but O.K. now.  He has already done the AT.  His 
     friend he's traveling with is Leslie Clapp (Flower Power) from 
     Bluehill, Maine.  She also hiked the AT.  She is doing fine.  She 
     is also hiking PCT to raise money for a cancer association.  Bug 
     and her father and 2 fellow hikers say hi. I was starting to run 
     out of light so I didn't get any more info from the other hikers - 
     sorry. I was kind of in a hurry to get back to my truck. They all 
     seem to be enjoying themselves.  I wished I could of joined them, 
     but I am a PCT sectional hiker, because I can't afford to take that 
     much time off from my job. I started from Mexico 2 years ago and 
     I'm almost done with this section D.  Hope to get done with entire 
     PCT in 5 years.  Good luck to all the thru hikers. - Matthew
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