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[pct-l] re: PCT-L Does anyone miss the trail?

Ryan wrote:

>Recently I have been getting quite trail sick. A year ago from now I was =
>in the San Jacinto Mountains continuing my journey along the PCT. Not a =
>day goes by that I don't think of the trail at length. I am even able to =
>"replay" the trail visually, mentally seeing the layout of the trail as =
>it curves through mountains and distant valleys. It's honestly getting =
>to become quite an obsession.

I can't say I feel that way.  Approx. 5 years ago, someone said something
to me, which was/is a trueism, which I found quite profound.  It was from
quite an unexpected source.  It amounted to "the secret of a happy life is
to keep everything in balance."  I believe this is correct.

Do not let the trail throw your life "out of balance".  Balance your desire
for long-distance hiking with the other important things you want to
accomplish.  For example, don't sacrifice, say, the opportunity to have a
family, for a life of backpacking!

I used to feel a bit of what you describe when I lived in California.  I
could cure it with a weekend overnighter or a week-long hike in the
Sierras.  Later in, in my 30s, I developed a passion for volleyball.  My
passion for volleyball was easily the equal of the passion you describe for
long distance hiking, so in this sense, I understand what you are talking
about.  You could say that my life was out of balance.  I had no family, I
had a job but had not saved any money.  I was obsessed with volleyball and
physical conditioning to play volleyball.  In fact, I hadn't even thought
much about the other things I wanted to accomplish in life.

So there you go.  Figure out what you want in life, develop a plan to make
it happen, and never let short-term events deter you from implementing your
long-term goals.  Easier said than done but it is essential.

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