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[pct-l] New PCT Water ?

If you have a look at the PCTA trail condtions page for section B you will
see this new faucet noted there. The old one where the trail crosses the
water pipe and joins the road is still there too. Once again the PCTA is
probably the best source of information about the trail <g>


======begin copy from http://www.gorp.com/pcta/ca_ctxt.htm========
Section B Last Update: 6 May 97
Some snow around Apache Peak, including large snowfields with dangerous
slopes before Saddle Junction. A lot of snow on Fuller Ridge but passable
with ice axe. Tunnel Spring (B-6) in very bad shape, Live Oak Springs
recommended as alternate route, with good trail, camping and adequate
water. Large blowdowns near Apache Peak will make travel with stock
difficult. Firefighter trails just before Fobes Saddle make navigation a
little difficult there. Water fountain at Snow Creek Road is on. New water
fountain in the aqueduct near Snow Creek Village. 

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