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[pct-l] So Cal H20 @ Washington Snow

I went from Campo to Highway 58 (Sections A-E) during November 1996.  Water
was not a problem.  The longest water carry was from Mt. Laguna (a few miles
past) to Barrell Spring (40-50 miles?  I don't have the data charts here)
The farthest I had to go off the trail for water was 2 miles round trip...to
Live Oak spring (North of Hwy 74).  It was without a pack...so no big deal.
Keep in mind it is much cooler at that time of the year also.  When I was up
around Big Bear City, I was sleeping with my water bottles to keep them from
freezing at night.

I think the mega-snowpack in Washington will create a lot of problems for
southbounders.  Chinook Pass (5400 feet) usually opens around May sometime.
If it doesn't open up until late June, I think there will be problems.  Even
with the pass open, there is still snow everywhere.  I remember Scott
(Mex-Can-Red's Meadow or VVR 1996) told me they (Scott and Ken) left Canada
around the start of August to head south.  He was hiking 30+ mile days and
still didn't make it throught the Sierras.  Then again, there could have
been factors/etc. that slowed Scott down also.


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