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Re: [pct-l] Snowpack

My impression is that a Southbound thru-hike is harder for two reasons, one
of which you'll be dealing with right off the bat - that late season snow in
the Cascades.  From reading Jardine and this list, it seems that in seasons
of heavy, late snow, chances are very good that by the time you get to So.Cal,
the water sources will have largely run dry.  The drought in that area runs
from roughly mid-June through mid October, and the later it gets, the more
things dry up (unless some recent monsoonal activity brings a brief return to
their flow).  The upshot of this is that run walking may become a necessity
down there, if only to have a decent shot at locating water at reasonable
intervals.  I get the impression that very few Southbounders end up being
"purists" when even the slightest hint of above-average adversity comes their
way... it's just a harder way to do the trail.  This is the impression I get.
-- Blister>Free, AT '96
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