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[pct-l] Outta here

Well this is my last post until I get back from the great adventure. I have
sacrificed much to be able to do this but I know that it will be a rich
experience well worth it. I board the train in Eugene today at 5:07 P.M..
and arrive in San Diego around noon on Friday. Then hopefully I can figure
out how to get to Campo on the bus. Foolishly I thought I could make
reservations on Greyhound but they don't go there and didn't know who does.
(If anyone could furnish this info to me pronto I would be deeply
appreciative!) Anyhow if all goes as it should I will be hitting the trail
by Friday afternoon, the ninth.

Still going a little crazy with all the last minute details. My living room
was a disaster area for a couple of weeks as I worked through all my food
drops. Finally they are all ready to go with the first two already sent
last week and three more to go tomorrow before I leave. Since I decided to
skip the Independence drop point due to it's inaccessibility, the Kennedy
Meadows drop complete with an ice ax and huge boots weighs in at around 35
lbs. That's going to be a killer for a while but at least I'll be in some
sort of shape by then. The rest of the drops are far more reasonable.

I know most of the other through hikers are already out there and as I sit
here typing away on my Mac it still seems a bit unreal that I too will soon
be covered in dust and sweat for the rest of the summer. The transition is
what seems now to be the scary part, to break the ties with home, comfort
and friends and to go into the unknown. After I have acclimatized to the
trail I can begin to find that new rhythm but for right now I just have to
trust my instincts.

I want to say that I was glad to be receiving this digest. It was a great
help to me planning for this trip. I appreciated all the discussion, advice
and comments. I look forward to returning to this list as a veteran of the
PCT able to offer some sagely advice to future seekers.

			Until then,

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