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[pct-l] Some thoughts on stoves...!!!???


Stoves and everthing about them are a key to happy hiking.  I would be
very interested in hearing what people are using.  What they like and
what they don't about the stoves they have used or seen on the trail.

I like the MSR line but have had some problems there too.  It would also
be interesting to learn about those hikers who don't use stoves and what
problems they may have had eating cold or by fire only.

What are the real success stories hikers have had with stoves???  Who
has the oldest stove that they still use on long hikes???  What can be
done to keep a stove working for years???  Which stove has been carried
the farthest????

Well, you may wish to add your stove thoughts, advise or questions so
please do.!!

What was the most worthless stove you ever saw????

Happy Trails,    Mikel
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