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[pct-l] National Recreation Trails program is dying!!

Please pass this on, or forward this to your Hiking Club, trails
organization, or walking club (or the leadership at these clubs).

There are a few national programs which sponser trails through  funding,
and/or coordination efforts.  One of these programs seems close to the
end of its existance.  The National Recreation Trails program at the
National Park Service seems to be in trouble.  

This program is the third in the triad of National Park Service
coordinated trails programs.  The other two programs are the National
Scenic Trails (Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail,  etc.), and the
National Historic Trails (Lewis & Clark Trail, Oregon Trail, etc.).

I recieved a message from a National Parks Service representative who
mentioned that the National Recreation Trails program has no
constituency, no funding, and possibly no future.  The only thing left of
it is a Wordperfect list of what were trails that are registered National
Recreation Trails.

Should not one of the national hiking, walking, or trails clubs take on
this program?  If it exists do we now not need it??  

I admit that I do not know the details about this program, but I have
always wanted trails programs to expand.  People need free open spaces to
walk.  I may never own land myself (can not afford the cost), but I still
want to feel like a part owner in the National Trails System.

I hope someone will take the initiative to take on this program.

Kevin Jensen
Louisville,  KY

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