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[pct-l] Scott "Let it Be" Williamson YO-YO

I just spoke with Scott "Let it Be" Williamson. He started April 15 and 
was in Aqua Dulce today. He wanted to quell any rumor that he was
injured and only getting 15 miles a day. He said he is fine and has only
had 2 blisters and getting 32 miles per day avg. Trail and water
conditions are (forgive the spelling I'm gonna wing it today) the
Laguanas were free of snow. The water tank at Pioneer Mill picnic area
had water as of 4/16. Charriot Canyon stream where the trail cross was
dry as of 4/18 but upstream a 1/3 of a mile had water. Big Bear Mountain
was without any snow. Mt Baiden Powell had snow above 8500' and only
about 30-40% of the trail had snow on it with nothing dangerous and no
ice axe needed. Mt San Jancito had very little snow, north side of
Fuller Ridge had about 70% snow cover as of 4/22. Big Buck Trail Camp
had water in the stream as of 5/1 but he thought it may be dry by 5/20.
Mattox Canyon was dry no water 5/2. 
He said he had only passed 5 hikers doing the whole trail and that there
was still 1 guy ahead of him about a week. Scott says it is the driest
he has seen the trail since his 92 hike. Sounded healthy and happy and
expected to be at the VVR on 5/20 and October. I expect to here from him
again in 10 days. I'll keep you posted.
Butch Wiggs
Vermilion Valley Resort
Edison Lake, CA
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