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[pct-l] Snow in OR/WA

> From: Stephen Stoddard <stoddars@ucs.orst.edu>

> If I started at the CA/OR border around the third week of June and
> planned on heading North to Canada, would I encounter much or any snow
> on the trail along the way (would I need to have the extra weight of an
> ice ax)?
  A few years back I started at the CA/OR border just after the 4th of
July and things were okay most of the trip.  I don't think you will need
the extra work of carring an ice ax but you should have a good and
trusted hiking stick. As there could be some big fields of snow to
cross.  The most important thing is to take your time and go slow!!!  I
used a ski pole that was light and easy to carry.  I might suggest
putting a ball compass on the handle.  It made it easy to check
direction with out stopping

Happy Trails to all and do keep us posted,   ThanX  Mikel

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