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[pct-l] fuel resupply in OR?


This seems like it should be a FAQ, but I haven't found much specific
information on it in the archives or anywhere else.  I'm concerned
about the availability of white gas for my Whisperlite stove along the

I'm planning on doing the PCT segment from Castella/Castle Crags to
Cascade Locks during July and August.  It'll be my first long hike, to
celebrate graduating from college. 

I know you can't mail white gas; where might I be able to buy it along
the way?  I know you can put gasoline in it in a pinch, but I never
have; is this what I'll have to do, and just deal with the black smoke
or whatever that it produces?  Any guesses as to how much fuel I'll
have to carry to get between resupplys that can provide it?

If this is indeed covered in some FAQ somewhere, please point me to
it.  Thanks.

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