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Re: [pct-l] From Rainy Pass or Chelan to Canada

Since I did this transportation stuff last year, you can take Greyhound
from wherever you live to Wenatchee and then take a local free bus (I
forgot what it's called) to Chelan.  From there, a ferry goes to
Stehekin (I left my heart in Stehekin, especially the bakery, can you
send me one of their pesto/cheese/mushroom croissant?).  If you can,
hang around Stehekin for a day or two and get to know the locals, the
apple orchard with its resident bears, the salmons though I don't know
if they'll be there, some waterfalls, the great dinner setting at the
ranch, all you can eat on Sunday, great pies.  A shuttle takes you to
the trailhead but double check that it's running.  I spent an entire
week camping there while waiting for the other through hikers.  

I recommend public transportation since they charge parking spaces at
the ferry dock.  From Manning Park, you can take Greyhound to Vancouver,
then Amtrak or Greyhound to Seattle or wherever you want to go.

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