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[pct-l] Noncook lunches

     I don't really like to cook much at home, so I enjoy it even less 
     outdoors.  I've always had difficulty coming up with no cook lunches.  
     I have the typical ideas such as cheese, cheese spread, PBJ, jerky, 
     Anyone have any good non-cook suggestions.
        One variation of the PBJ that I like is a flour tortilla, smeared
with PB, and sprinkled with raisins. Raisins means one less container, and
they're easy.  Also, I have tried the new tuna salad packs that you can buy
off the shelf.  Starkist etc makes em....you get a small can of tuna SALAD
with crackers.  Makes a pretty good partial lunch.  Look for em in the store
by the regular cans of tuna. Also, I like Slim Jims and crackers.....they
don't perish, and have lots of fat in em.
        My favorite dinner, which does require a little cooking,  is
couscous, on a tortilla, with a  little taco seasoning mixed in, and throw
on some Taco Bell hot sauce that comes in the little packets.  Killer
burritos, lots of energy, very lightweight ingredients.  One box of couscous
can  make like 5 full meals.....
Kevin Corcoran

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