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[pct-l] ATTN: May 1st-ers

Hey all, Polite Cat and I were figuring that there's enough of us starting
May 1 that if possible we should share rides from San Diego, if possible.
We'll be pulling in to town most likely on the 29th, late evening if we're
enjoying the drive down the coast!

i just spoke to Bob from the PCTA and he has a list of wonderful people who
are offering their services to shuttle our crazed bodies and souls to the
mexican border.

Call the assoc. for the numbers since they may not want it fully broadcast
over the world.

Trail Conditions:
San Felipe Creek is ok but low
Barrel Spring is fine, for now.

The trail registers are already starting to be signed in as of last weekend,
too, not just day hikers either,...
See you all soon!
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