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Re: [pct-l] the time is drawing near!!!!

>what day are you starting now and what's your rough finish date?
>Hard to believe but we'll be seeing each other pretty soon!
We'll set out from Campo April 20.  We plan to do two big days and get to
Moreno and then Mt. Laguna by the 21st.  This will get us some distance
from the border (my bit of paranoia).  Chris, my wife will meet us both
nights and carry all but what we need for the day.  From Mt. Laguna we will
slow down a bit and break in to the trail.  We are in no real hurry to make
it to Kennedy Meadows before the first of June.  We'll decide there whether
we will push on or wait a bit.

My pack weight problem is that I am really carrying a lot for the two of
us.  My real concern is tht I keep Joy's pack light.  She only weighs 109#,
so 20# is about the same as my 40#.  I am more inclined to stay with what
has worked for us and shed along the way if necessary.

Hope to see ya on the trail in May!
Bob n Bug

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