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[pct-l] RE: Titanium Cups

John 0 wrote:
Just got off the phone with REI (1-800-426-4840) and they have a sale on the
Evernew Titanium Sierra Style Cup it's now $9.99 instead of $15.00.  It
holds 310 ml and weights 45 g.  
Food for thought.

Thanks for the heads-up John! I gave REI a call (as I have been looking at 
these cups at their store) and got the low-down. Its a March promotion only, 
so if you want one, scramble today to get your order in. Yup, order; as its 
mail order sale only. The cup will cost you $9.99 and shipping for the cup 
only is $3.60 (maybe you all could plead with them that they're so light). 
The mail-order staff asked that we use the stock item # 607-224. If 
someone's ordering one, could you please ask if they're intending to put 
them on sale at their stores soon?
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