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[pct-l] Dave Drew / Liebre Mt ORV's

Hello all.....
        Today drove out to day-hike one of my favorite parts of the PCT
locally (Antelope Valley), offered a ride to a guy with a backpack in Lake
Hughes....gave him a ride back to the trail, he said his name was Dave Drew
(I think), from Fairbanks.  He was hiking to Walker Pass I guess.  Anyway if
anyone knows him he looked OK and was happy to be enjoying the great sunny
weather we're having down here, and the flowers, but he did say he had a few
blisters.  It's always great to run into the long-dist hikers out there......
        Anyway on my hike, (the part that climbs to the top of Liebre
Mountain from the Three Points area), I saw fresh signs of
ORV use / abuse on the mile of trail from top down....upon reaching the top
I found that a  fence erected to keep vehicles out was bypassed to gain
access.  My question: who do I notify about it?  Is the Angeles Nat'l Forest
the responsible party, or was this fence put up by volunteers by permission
of the NF, or what?  If anyone can provide an answer I would be glad to
speak up because they TRASHED out the trail.......
Kevin Corcoran

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