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[pct-l] Breakfast Bore

Hi Breakfast Bored!
Walt and I eat Bulgar Wheat at home (indoors and out) quite a bit.  
Bulare is not only delicious but gives you plenty of energy and lasts a 
long time because it bulks you up.  It can be soaked 10 minutes in 
water before it is put in a pot to lessen cooking time.  For variety 
you can top it with nuts (walnut, pecan, pine), raisins and cranraisins 
and then to add a sweet touch sprinkly (heavily or lightly) with 
turbinardo sugar---um um good!  How about GRITS!!!  Walt wouldn't touch 
grits (even thought he was born in Georgia!) until I mixed it with 
grated cheese.  Quaker has a variety of instant grits (gravy, bacon, 
cheese) but to save money you can do the same with a large box and add 
dried gravies, cheeses, etc. -- moist and good for you!  How about 
becoming the "Chef on the Trail?"  The Outback Oven (8 ounces-- used 
over your cookpot as a cover) can delight anyones pallete with a 
variety of fresh and hot breads; biscuits (add gravey -- good enough to 
die for!), scones, cornbread, cinnamon bread/rolls, cakes, and talk 
about dinners!  Well, that's a better story!  Get with it and don't be 

HTC on the PCT 
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