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[pct-l] the time is drawing near!!!!

hi all i know i have been pretty quite lately but i am just going quitely
insane. i have bags of food everywhere i am making gear and pulling my hair
out. i was also doing interviews for a new nanny(hurray) to take over my job.
so i am hear still no trail name still not done with my stuff in fact i do
not even have my axe yet. my sandles or my brain. i am also stressing just a
tad cause you see april 1 is my 30th birthday. (shh it's  secrect) i am
actually really only....um.... i am....20. ya thats right and my mom is 29 ya
thats the ticket.  
so for all you out there goin ginsane like me do not fret you are not alone
and i am saving a place for you in the next room. the food is bad but the
view is great. 
i do have one concern it is about food could someone give me a sample of
their menu . like breakfast lunch and dinner i think i am not planning to
so any way happy trails to you and if you see a tall gal with a puppet
strapped to her pack just smile and keep walking it may be polite cat
wendy oh ya happy easter
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