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[pct-l] ZIP STOVE

Hi Tom,
I use a zip stove and have nothing but good words for it.  I am not a
thru-hiker but from my experiences using the stove I see no reason why it
shouldn't satisfy your needs.
You spoke of a solar powered battery charger (4 oz) for AA batteries?  I
have a few questions on this you maybe able to answer?  Have you recharged
AA batteries and then used them for zip stove?  If so, how long are they
able to work powering stove between recharges?  How long does it take to
recharge batteries? Without staying stationary how does one recharge
batteries?  Cost of recharger, AA batteries and where can I purchase unit?
I appreciate any information on the subject.
Take care,
>Date: Fri, 28 Mar 1997 22:27:55 +0000
>From: Tom Best <spot@onr.com>
>Subject: [pct-l] Zip Stove
>Hey again.
>If my math is right the Sierra Zip Stove (wood burning) will save a max
>of  about 1.5 pounds over my MSR XGK.
>This assumes a full tank of fuel (22 oz bottle)
>My number allow you to carry a solar powered battery charger(4 oz) for
>AA  batteries(1 oz each) which would also work in a Mini mag.
>This sounds too easy.  Does anyone know if the Zip stove would hold up
>on a thru hike?  Most of the posted reports have been positive.
>any info appreciated.
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