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[pct-l] Carolyn's Dilemma


Good luck with your mom.  My guess is that the only way you can prevent
your mother from worrying is to not hike.  I think it is unlikely that you
will be able to persuade her that it is safe.  Mom's tend to be pretty
stubborn about things like this.  It sounds to me like something you're
going to have to live with.  One fellow on the list posted a message about
how, when he called home, his mom cintinually tried to get him to abandon
his hike.  He continued to call home throughout his hike.  If it had been
me, I would have told my mom that I couldn't continue to call her if she
was going to continue to tell me how worried she was, blah blah blah.   I
would have told her that her conversation made me feel sad, that I didn't
want to feel sad, and therefore, I could no longer call her until the hike
was over.  I would have mailed postcards to her instead. 

How you deal with mom depends to a large extent on your financial
relationship with your mom.  I'm assuming you are financially independent
and living on your own.  If not, then I think you have to obey your mom's
wishes and abandon the hike until you are living on your own.

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