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[pct-l] N-S Hiker


I met a nice young man in Roanoke, Va. at the local camping store who is
hiking N-S starting June 15.  His name is Kevin Speed, "Special K",  and he
thru hiked the AT two years ago.  I gave him info on how to access this list,
 but haven't seen any thing from him.  If anyone is interested I could put
them in touch with him,  just e-mail me.

The AT list(s) is very active with thru-hikers who are talking about their
preparations and posting their journals.  Who said the AT wasn't social
experience!!  Is there any thru-hiker who is going to post as he/she hikes
the PCT?  The AT has started off hundreds so far this year!  Incredible!  Any
count on prospective PCT hikers so far?


David Craft
Greensboro,  NC
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