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Re: [pct-l] cgiffen PCT graphs offer


If you don't get a response, please let me know.  I may be able to
help.  I'm in middle of getting something in place, hopefully with
PCTA's support, to create a PCT Data Book, something similar to the AT
Data Book.  The proposed manuscript contains mileage, landmarks, and
elevation information ordered both for going South to North for
Northbounders and North to South for Southbounders.  It has facility
information stating water sources, post offices, stores, meals, showers,
map references to the guide book, and water alerts for cases where the
next nearby (within 0.5 miles of the trail) water source is more than 12
miles away.  I have also obtained permissions from Jeff Schaffer and
Wilderness Press to use the guidebooks as the basis for creating this
Data Book (copyrights issues).  Jeff has also kindly provided me with a
copy of changes that will be in the next revision of the
Oregon/Washington PCT guidebook due out sometime late this year or next
year.  All these information have been incorporated.

My objective is to eventually develop something similar to the AT, where
the data book is published annually to reflect the most current
information.  I'll be attending a meeting with the PCTA board next week
to get them to support or even consider publishing this effort.  I'd
appreciate your thoughts and any support that you can give to make this
data book a reality.

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