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Re: [pct-l] Snow in the Cascades


Mother concerns:  I had to deal with that also.  It is not going to be
easy.  The way I dealt with mine was I was totally honest with her on
all issues from my feelings relative to her feelings.  I let her know
that if a conflict occurs between our feelings, I will not compromise
mine.  It is difficult, but then I think one can't give happiness unless
one is happy himself or herself, or at the very least, content.  I
called her every time I get to a phone to let her know I'm fine, but
somehow our conversations always led to her asking me to stop.  I asked
her to think about what she is really asking whenever she asks me to
stop my hike.  It was very, very disappointing, but I never did stop
calling her although it took more and more effort. I tried to get her to
get involved with my hike, to have her be part of it, but was not
successful.  Near the end, she became a bit more supportive but I donít
know whether it was because I was nearing the end or she was changing.

Other hikers who have the support of their parents were happy and looked
forward to talking to their parents.  If your mom likes reading or would
even consider reading, maybe you can give her books on the PCT and get
her to relate to the trail.  The one by Cindy Ross, Journey on the
Crest, is one but there are others.

Hereís my advice to parents of through-hikers:  Participate in your
loved ones journey.  It is a whole lot easier than worrying.

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