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[pct-l] Re: Snow in the Cascades

>Cell phones are useless through most of the Cascades. On the other hand
>where they work they don't weigh much. The most reliable communication is
>through the amateur 2 meter band. You need a liscense although no one has
>gotten in trouble in a true emergency. I suspect they are a bit heavier,
>but its been a long time since I was involved in that.

Duncan's right - the test for the tech license is only multiple choice,
though, and the question pool is available - check out your local Radio
Shack.  No Morse code required for this license.  And 2-meter radios can
be as small as 4 or 5 ozs, about the same as cell phones.  I sent mine back
on the AT, though - 4 ozs is still 4 ozs!  :^)


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