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(Fwd) mail failed, returning to sender

Explanatory Note: I was unable to communicate directly with 
cgiffen@teleoport.com regarding his PCT graphs posting to the PCT 
digest on March 25, 1997. Therefore, I am sending my return message 
to him via the digest.

Previous Note: This is my second try at sending this message. I did so 
yesterday, but it was returned to me saying there was not such 

Hello my name is Bob Betz and I plan to thru-hike the PCT beginning 
sometime between April 20 and May 1, 1997. I am interested in 
receiving your printouts (55 pages + 6 pages of graphs) of the PCT 
guidebook information. $15 sounds like a reasonable price.

Please e-mail me back with information on how we can make this 
transaction happen soon (your address, phone, will you accept a personal 
check, etc) at:


Thanks for the posting, you may have a real seller here. As far as 
contributions to the PCT goes, the PCTA Store people could tell you 
what kind of profit margin they receive from there sales items. You might 
also base it on typical normal sales commissions or wholesale/retail sporting goods 
markup rates (I used to be in the business).  A few examples to consider are listed below:

Outdoor sporting goods (i.e., backpacking/skiing gear) sales representatives typically recieve 
7% commission on wholesale orders (e.g., wholesale order = $100, 
commission = $7),

Retail sporting goods price markups from wholesale to retail for 
books are typically 40% (e.g., wholesale = $10, retail = $16.67),

Art gallery commissions/markups  are typically 30-50%

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