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[pct-l] choice of backpack

Hi, again.  It's Stace from San Diego (planning to thru-hike in '99).
I have been looking at backpacks for the past few months, attempting to
find the perfect one to get used to and use on my PCT hike.  I got rid
of my external frame Kelty, and I have been looking at internal frame
I am most satisfied with the Dana Designs Arclight Glacier (weighs about
5 1/2 pounds altho the description says 4 1/2).
However, people (and books) tell me to go lighter.
I can't find an internal frame pack any lighter that I think will hold
up for 5 months.  
Has anyone out there got any suggestions??  I have the opportunity to get
an awesome price on the Dana Designs pack...
Stace B
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