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Re: [pct-l] ice cream -Alan J.

Ken said:

>Alan J. stated that he consumed 12 gallons of ice cream while on the trail!
>What year did you do your thru-hike. We're you the guy having the handle of
>"The Ice Cream Kid," who wrote in the register, daring us to consume a
>gallon of ice cream in one sitting?!
>Ken Marlow/PCT '82

  I don't think that was me, because no one used "trail names" the year I did
the PCT (1975) with the exception of Jim Podlesny and his trail-mate, Terry,
who went by the name "The Pod and the Princess", a play on "The Princess and
the Pea" fairy tale.  However, I did write in every register I found (there
were only a few) and might have put out a challenge like that, that being the
kind of stuff (I was going to say "drivel" but forgive myself since I was young
- 20 - then) that I'd have written in a register.  I can't remember - seems I
suffered from all that brain freeze, lost millions of the little grey cells,
maybe the Surgeon General should put a message on each 1/2 gallon of ice cream.
By the time I was in Washington, I could put away a 1/2 gallon WITH a full
pound of granola on top!!  I hardly ever eat ice cream anymore, but my sons
consume it like fiends - who says genetics takes many generations to develop? 
Oh, lest anyone think I must be some huge guy with an enormous stomach, I am 5'
10" and 145 pounds, basically the same as I was on the trail.  These are the
kind of demands long distance hiking puts on your stomach, or at least, it did

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