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[pct-l] #93

Hello hikers and dreamers!

I have been reading this PCT newsletter for a couple of months now.  It is
truly exciting and informative reading all of the advice and thoughts that
come to me via all of your experience and ideas.  I just wanted to say that
PCT Vol. #93 was some of the greatest material I have read yet about the
trail.  I appreciate all of the honesty that I see.  I plan on doing the
trail someday myself and reading what is going on out there is truly
inspirational.  I wish everyone the best of luck on the trail this year and
in years to come.  I am glad that there are a few people out there that
really want to protect the wilderness and all of its beauty.  The tide is
against us but at least we are fighting for something that we believe in.
 Nature, in all of its glory.  Sometimes I think it is the only beautiful and
honest thing left.  Enjoy it while you can and never stop exploring.  Its my
motto anyway.  Again,  best of luck and I look forward to hearing all of the
stories from the trail this year;  whether you through hiked it or not.  


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