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Re: [pct-l] From Fees to Bubbles...

hey all, all compasses will bubble, some at higher elevations than others.
The bubble(s) will also grow in size with increase in elevation, making it a
little more difficult to get an accurate bearing as you feel like you're
playing one of those cheap little plastic maze ball games!  I had one Brunton
which bubbled at 6K, another at 9K and my silva ranger doesn't bubble to the
heights i've been with it, yet, only about 11K. Usually the silva's hold up
the best, though, from what I've seen and heard from friends and customers
who've been to higher elevations. Don't skimp on a cheap compass, there are
light-weight ones that are of high quality and durability. if you're in a bad
situation, you better not be using a key chain compass to find your way home,
cuz you won't.

About the fees, I guess we'll just have to get a little creative with seeking
out what's around the parks and monuments in all the BLM and forest land that
is usually nearly as scenic and of course so few people, and the big plus,

Crazy in seattle!
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