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[pct-l] Talking WW III Backcountry Blues

I don't know if it is up again this time around, but the the NPS is in
danger.  Last year Newt G. tried pushing a bill strongly supported by the
"Wise Use Movement".  For those of you who don't know, the WUM goals are to
use the land "wisely", use it for everything we possibly can.  First we log
it, then mine it and cattle graze it.  Then maybe a McDonalds when nothing
is left, and all the resources have been extracted.  Anyway, Newt's bill was
to remove the National Parks from governemt control, and transfer them to
the states.  The states could then do whatever they wanted.  Keep in mind
there are still people out there who think we should damn the Grand Canyon,
and make a giant lake instead.  So if we don't watch out, you will be able
to get the McRainforestburner burger on Mt. Rainer (They will have a
chairlift by then).

Personally, as long as we keep breeding, it is only going to get worse.  All
I got from Yosemitie was people, noisy kids, loud music, RV's, people and
ice cream cones, boyfriend and girlfriend fighting (this was amuzing).  I
hate large crowds of people, with the exception of Grateful Dead shows.

Anyway at Yosemite, I felt like I was in a police state.  "Let me see your
papers", etc.  NPS rangers can be real jerks.  I called them "the thought
police".  Camp here, go here, don't turn off your telescreen dammit!  But
then again, this is what we will have to live with, since the woods are
becoming too overcrowded.

I think kids growing up now will have a different wilderness experience than
the one I had.  Just like the wilderness I'm familar with would be different
from say, someone 100 years ago.  Saving the earth on a mainstream basis
won't happen unless it becomes chic.  Maybe a new Hollywood action flick,
starring Stallone & Tom Cruise...."Together they go out and fight for what
is important, the trees, and the well being of their souls".

Keep in mind, common sense doesn't prevail in these matters, it is whatever
everyone else is doing is the thing to do.  I know I'm getting off the
subject thread of user fees, but I'm getting at the main cause how they
happened...too many people.  

Regarding costs of backpacking and fees:
Personally I think the multinationals are having a blast selling consumers
tons of crap they really don't need.  $300 dollar tents, "Proper Outdoor
Fashion", $100.00 walking sticks, (or my favorite) the nipple cover for your
biking water bottle...so it doesn't get muddy.  They shove it down your
throat, and people buy it up.  You need hiking boots for ANY hiking.  Going
backpacking, then you NEED a backpacking shirt.  Keep in mind that in 1992
when the whole Seattle music scene exploded, and people in Seattle wore
flannel because it was cold!  Then all of the sudden Nordstrom came out with
their "Grunge" line.  Selling $50 clothes that were "the fashion", when the
same thing was sitting at your local thrift store.  I just wish the outdoors
would quit becoming trendy.  I'm sick of seeing ads of jeeps in big serene
mountain meadows.

I had a person get pissed at me because I wouldn't tell them the brand name
of my tent.  

"What kind of tent do you have?"
"Just a solo tent"
"Brand name, it has to have a brand name, who made it, what model is it!"
"It dunno, and really don't care" (knowing full well I had a Walrus Swift)


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