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[pct-l] From Fees to Bubbles...

Bearclaw asked: does anyone know how to get rid of air bubbles in a compass? 
I once had a Suunto compass, that shoved large bubbles inside after having
been left behind in the window of my car on a sunny day. Fortunately it was
brand new, and the shop from which I bought it offered to repair it. I don't
know what he actually did to it, but it has never shown bubbles again 
(10 years ago now). Of course I never placed in the car after that.
The shop was one specializing in equipment for ships, so he might have some
special experience from large stationary compasses. He told me something
about 'bleeding the air out through a small nozzle', but I don't see any
traces on the housing.

Ebbe W. Frederiksen
Denmark / Europe
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