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[pct-l] From Fees to Bubbles...

Bearclaw asked: does anyone know how to get rid of air bubbles in a compass? 
also, does anyone know what percentage of backpackers are long distant 
hikers? Well, that was a fun way to switch from a heated argument of 
backcountry fees...."Laurence..turn-off the bubble machine!" 

Yup, I had gotten a Suunto (sp?) compass and once getting up to elevation, 
saw a big bubble as well. I was told, and it seemed correct that the bubble 
doesn't adversely effect the needle position. That bubble I believe was a 
result of a manufacturing problem, and at sea level, may not be noticeable. 
I cant imagine there's anyway to fix it aside from requesting a refund or 
replacement. I finally pitched mine when 2500 miles and too much DEET crazed 
the plastic. I have been using a Silva for several years now and have never 
seen a bubble in it. 

-Ken Marlow
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