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[pct-l] Sierra Designs Divine Lightning Tent?

Hello to all,
I just read a review in April's Outside Magazine on Sierra Designs Divine
Lightning Tent, page 145.  I'll include the write up on the tent.
The Sierra Designs Divine Lightning is a weather-worthy shelter that's also
easy on the back_ only two pounds, two ounces, which is less than many
sleeping bags, not to mention other tents.  It's a one-and-a-half-pole
design, with one pole buttressing the roof and a short, nonstructural pole
propping open a mesh vent at the foot end.  The Divine Lightning is a bit
snug_only 18.5 square feet of space_which makes it somewhat pricey real
estate at $350.  Yet it's tall enough at the shoulder to let you sit up, the
shell is well constructed of lightweight polyester fabric with a brushed
lining that helps disperse condensation, and setup is elegantly simple_it
requires just two stakes and a few moments to get it habitable.  All of
which is sure to earn admiration from bicycle tourists and camping
I checked Sierra Designs web page and several of the other catalog sites and
no information on this tent.>Anyone have any knowlege about this tent?  I
appreciate any assistance.>Have a good one.
Take care,
               John O    E-mail johno@mail.monmouth
                        Brick, New Jersey
60 miles north of Atlantic City   60 miles south of New York City

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