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Re: [pct-l] backcountry fees

>Back Packer wrote:
>I got my butt flamed in rec.backcountry awhile ago on this subject.
>You'd think I'd learn...but two days this subject came up again in my
>parents kitchen.  They were discussing the things they are too old to do
>now.  Once again, my Mom talked about never seeing Yosemite.  It's not
>like we didn't try.
>To celebrate my graduation, my family piled into the Dodge and headed
>out west for a two week vacation...a once in a lifetime deal.  When we
>got to Yosemite, it was full!!  We drove around for hours trying to
>find a place to park but no luck.  We would have gladly paid twenty
>bucks for a parking place.  This was no holiday weekend, but it was a
>Fri. The Ranger said we should come back tommorow, but this was our last
>stop on our tour and my folks had to be back to work in PA on Tuesday.

I don't dispute the fact that Yosemite is too crowded.  I was glad that the
park service was going to implement a day use reservation system myself cuz
100,000 people in a 7 mile long valley does a wilderness experience make.

Yes there are some who would gladly pay $20 for a parking space.  But there
are more that could not afford such a fee.  These national parks should be
accessible to all citizens not just those that can afford the high fee.

>> Our country was founded on equal rights for all, not just those who can
>> afford them.
>Or not just for thoses who live nearby?  Many of the cars we passed in
>out search were from California, many of the people we saw were
>congregating in the parking lots and in general treating the day as
>just another weekend.  I mean, if I were in Yosemite, I wouldn't be
>sleeping in a lawn chair or playing frisbee.  This isn't coming out
>very well...what I'm trying to say is Yosemite is a very special place.
>One worthy of saving up for,,,for years even.  There are many other
>parks both state and national where local folk can camp and picnic
>and sleep and play frisbee for little or no fee.  Maybe if the higher
>fees had been in effect twenty years ago, we might have been able
>to actually park the car and get out and enjoy this national treasure.

>> We need to start thinking of all people not just those of us who can
>>afford it.
>I think Yosemite is worth the price and much more.  Maybe we could also
>think about all the people and not just those who live near enough to
>go often.

Using an economic test to determine who gets to visit it just plain WRONG!

Ok I'll get off the soap box now.

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