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[pct-l] More about Yosemite

True tidbit about Yosemite: most of the people who visit the valley floor never
venture more than 2 miles into the wilderness. I too am amazed at people who
travel to a beautiful place only to recreate their home experience for their
wilderness experience. Then again, there is some allure to hot showers, real
food and soft beds... Many people are quite content to car camp in Yosemite
Valley, or the other established campgrounds. Valley visitors are going to
"be hurtin'" this year because the Merced River permanently, uh, removed many
many campsites along the Upper and Lower Pines campgrounds. If I'm not mistaken,
there are close to 100 sites gone because of the new course of the Merced. 
Personally, I'd rather stay home, where it's quieter, than deal with a crowded
campground that more resembles a refugee camp. But, for some people, that
experience is the trip of a lifetime... Whatever floats your boat. Just as long
as we're not trying to pull out each other's plugs. :) 

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