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Re: [pct-l] backcountry fees

Back Packer wrote:

I got my butt flamed in rec.backcountry awhile ago on this subject.
You'd think I'd learn...but two days this subject came up again in my 
parents kitchen.  They were discussing the things they are too old to do 
now.  Once again, my Mom talked about never seeing Yosemite.  It's not
like we didn't try. 
To celebrate my graduation, my family piled into the Dodge and headed 
out west for a two week vacation...a once in a lifetime deal.  When we
got to Yosemite, it was full!!  We drove around for hours trying to
find a place to park but no luck.  We would have gladly paid twenty 
bucks for a parking place.  This was no holiday weekend, but it was a 
Fri. The Ranger said we should come back tommorow, but this was our last 
stop on our tour and my folks had to be back to work in PA on Tuesday.

> Our country was founded on equal rights for all, not just those who can
> afford them.

Or not just for thoses who live nearby?  Many of the cars we passed in 
out search were from California, many of the people we saw were
congregating in the parking lots and in general treating the day as
just another weekend.  I mean, if I were in Yosemite, I wouldn't be
sleeping in a lawn chair or playing frisbee.  This isn't coming out 
very well...what I'm trying to say is Yosemite is a very special place.
One worthy of saving up for,,,for years even.  There are many other
parks both state and national where local folk can camp and picnic
and sleep and play frisbee for little or no fee.  Maybe if the higher
fees had been in effect twenty years ago, we might have been able
to actually park the car and get out and enjoy this national treasure.

> We need to start thinking of all people not just those of us who can afford it.

I think Yosemite is worth the price and much more.  Maybe we could also
think about all the people and not just those who live near enough to
go often.       			Kahley
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