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[pct-l] Fees

Wayne provides a convincing argument for  the increase of entrance fees. I 
agree that given the cost of inflation entrance fees can be raised, and that 
the NPS entrance fee schedules are reasonable, to some extent. Its not how 
much we spent on our gear, heck the RV crowd as spent a heck of alot more.  
It can be argued that if the RV'rs are paying camping fees why shouldn't 
we...it just comes back to the point that somewhere, at sometime the cost of 
a backcountry trip to our National Parks, will prevent someone from enjoying 
our national treasures at the most intimate level.  Why should an individual 
with a low income, be able to participate in the wonderful learning 
experience of the nation's museums for free, while at the same time being 
turned away from the National Parks? 
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