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Re: [pct-l] backcountry fees

Back Packer writes:
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 > >Alan was discussing his costs for hiking in the Grand Canyon. Man, this is
 > Well said.  These fee mania must cease.

I don't agree.  I have a $300 tent, $200 sleeping bag, $200 pack, $50
stove, $100 boots, $200 rain gear, $200 camera, $100 odds and ends,
cost me $30 in gas and $40 in food for a backpacking trip.  I'm sure
other people have similar costs.  If I can afford all that, I
can afford an entrance fee.

Sure, there are some people who didn't spend as much.  Maybe their
equipment is second hand or something like that, but it does cost
money to blast the switchbacks out of rock, build the bridges across
the rivers and run the wilderness permit system.  Maybe your fees
don't go directly to the parks or wilderness maintainence, but it does
go to the big pot of money where "everything" is paid for.

Ever hike a trail in very early spring with all the trees down across
the trail and sections washed out?  Go back in the middle of summer
and those trees have been cleared and the trail repaired.  Do you
think the beavers and bears did it?  No, it costs money. I'm sure it
costs more money then they collect in fees.

I've been telling the rangers a Yosemite for years that they should
raise the entrance fees.  It looks like this year they may do it.  The
entrance fee for Yosemite in 1960 was $5.  Today it's still $5.  It
should be more that $20 to keep up with inflation.

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