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[pct-l] More Food Stuff

Andyman gave some great food suggestions for consideration. I did the 
Squeeze Parkay and Jello tips on my thru-hiking. Speaking of plumping-up 
raisens, I came across dehydrated fruit cocktail at the time (I don't know 
if it still can be found...anyone?) For a great dessert on those cold 
nights. I would boil-up the fruit. While I waited for the water to boil, I 
added water to a baggie of instant pancake/biscuit mix, and put balls of 
these ontop of the cooking cocktail mix, and put a lid on the pot. Once done,
 Fruit cocktail dumplings! I imagine variations using dinner ingredients 
could also be tasty!

-Ken Marlow /PCT'82 
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