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[pct-l] Food Drops

Jeremy asked about Mt. Laguna and the store. The PCT through Mt. Laguna will 
provide some spectacualar views of the Anza Borrego Desert State Park to the 
east, along much of its way. The vegitation is predominantly chaparral, with 
scattered oak woodland and pockets of coniferous forest. I don't recall if 
the PCT was rerouted, but in '82 it followed a jeep road down into Chariot 
Canyon at the trail's northern exit. A real pounding downhill, serious 
ouchies. Don't know about fresh fruit and vegies at the store, but no Dunkin 
Doughnuts. Fairly well stocked for a small store (half tourist junk, half 
   One thing about packaging food that I tried. I obtained a bunch of large 
plastic empty (used) maionaise and other condiment containers from fast food 
restraunts. I washed them out and put a lot of my food in those before 
boxing-up my food drop. I fiqured that this way, I wouldn't have any problem 
with possible rodents in the post offices along the way.

Ken Marlow
Native San Diegan but stuck in D.C. 
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