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Re: [at-l] Mysteries of backpacking

i'm a 5'3-4" male. what i've done to solve my bear bagging problems was 
to go to a marine supply house and buy an aluminum clam cleat jr., 50 or 
60 ft of #5 nylon rope and a couple of aluminum mini biners from black 
diamond. you want the metal for the weight. the cleat has two holes for 
screws, top and bottom. feed the rope through the top hole and tie a 
knot in it. take the mini biner and hook it through the bottom hole. you 
then take the cleat and biner and chuck it as high as you want over a 
branch. let the biner and cleat down. there is another hole just above 
the cleat, feed the other end of the rope through it. take your food 
sack and tie it to the biner. you can now hoist your food as high as you 
want. the weight of your food will naturally lodge the rope into the 
cleat. to regain your food, a simple jerk on the rope and holding it 
away from the teeth of the cleat drops your food back to you. if you 
have any questions or need any help, let me know...

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