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I have the Nols cookbook and find that it has excellent recipes and menu
planning in it.  My only criticism is that the portions sometimes don't
fill you if you are putting in long days.  Being Canadian, I know that
Mountain Equipment Coop has this book, but I expect that REI would also
carry it.
I also have a book called "Dry it, you'll like it" by Macnamara, which
tells you how to dehydrate food - everything from fruits and veggies to
meat jerky.  It is awesome!!! And it has instructions on how to build your
own dehydrator at the end of the book.  This is a jumbo model, probably
not suitable for an apartment, but it is super convenient to do large
volumes all at once.  The book has an address in it for the Macnamara
farm and you can send away for plans for smaller models too.  I have had
lots of fun experimenting with different fruits - strawberries are
awesome, and rehydrated are great in pancakes.


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