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Re: [pct-l] Response to Booties n' Dogs

In 1985 there were two dogs that went most of the distance on the PCT.  One
was a great dane.  It did not like the desert but as soon as it got into
the mountains and the snow and it turned into a little pup again.  Always
traveled three times the distance that us hikers did.  And Zeb carried his
own pack, food and water.

>I heard of a dog hiking the entire AT.  One dog was a seeing eye dog,
>Orient was his name, and another was written up in National Geographic
>many years ago.  Maybe the trail conditions are better for dogs on the
>Maybe just take your dog as far as he want's to go.  If that's one
>day, one week or the whole thing.  Or even hike with him a week, send
>him home for a while and have him join you again for a while later on.
>JWilsonVW@aol.com writes:
> > poor old doggies, what their owners put them through,...
> >
> > I know one guy last year who tried taking his dog on the whole thruhike. He
> > was the '96 hapless hiker, and his dog didn't make it either. After bringing
> > the battered dog home to oregon from the sierras, the dog later died of
> > exhaustion, and the hiker didn't finish, either.
> >
> > oh, yeah, i'm getting weird error messages back to me, too.
> > jeremy
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