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Re: [pct-l] Hi, and some questions

Hey Carl, welcome to the thru this summer!
I'm using the grivel air tech racing axe. it is 66 cm and weighs in at 15
ounces. camp makes a lighter one, but isn't as strong. The air tech meets
UIAA standards, just barely. the camp and i think the Lowe, don't come close
to meeting them.
I'm willing to carry the extra ounce or two because i do use it for
mountaineering, and the classic shaped head is really comfortable compared to
most out there. it's an aggressive pick so you stop real quick. almost too
quick if you're not careful you may pop out your shoulder.
See you in southern cal!
May 1 dream date
oh,yeah, i don't think i'd want to shorten the axe you already have. the
spike comes in real handy, especially if you need to arrest by driving the
entire shaft in the snow. if it's deep and there's a hard crust layer on top,
you'll be glad you kept the spike on there! with a shaft arrest, keep one
hand on the head, and the other on the shaft, usually just below the head, or
where ever the snow layer is at along the shaft.
Hope this helps!
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