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[pct-l] Ice Axes

In response to Howard, who has been looking for light ice axes, my guess 
that with the bulk of them, either having fiberglass or aluminum shafts, and 
some form of steel aloy head, length will be the determining factor in 
weight. I prefer an ice axe that is long enough to double as a short hiking 
staff. If you intend to do the same, look carefully at the edges of the ice 
axe head (?), just behind the adze. If you hike with the axe using the 
technique of the adze forward (I think this is the most comfortable way), 
you'll want nice rounded corners on the axe in this area. My old InterAlp 
Cerro Torre is this way. REI seems to still carry a dark blue-shafted axe of 
their own, thats comfortable to grip. Some of the new axes available, I 
believe will lead to blisters if carried for extensive periods using the 
adze-forward technique. Don't forget to pick-up a wrist loop with a slider 
ring.  -Ken Marlow
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