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[pct-l] This and that

Just a quick post to let ya'll know where I'm at. I managed to finagle
another week out of my job so that means I will get to Campo around the
8th of May instead of the 15th. Anyone else starting then? Hopefully I
can catch up to the main pack in about two or three weeks.

Personally I'm not that worried about the aliens, human or otherwise,
but I've more or less decided not to hike down to the border and back
when I could be four miles further up the trail that night. A good
stealth camp and a good hard push the next day should get me out of the
zone. It's not the border to border bragging rights that appeals to me
anyway, that's artificial, it's the adventure and journey itself that
I'm ready for. 

My gear is all bought except for the food scene. I'm not so organized
that I can cook and dry dinners months ahead, heck, it seems hard
enough for me to plan for my next meal let alone this. So I will stick
with a lot of the tried and true basics, oatmeal, dried milk, potato
flakes, raisins, gorp, buckwheat, honey, grits, fig newtons, pop tarts,
ramen, etc., etc., for all my drops. I'll supplement with cheese,
bread, and other store food whenever I can. And forget about freeze
dried designer food. That stuff is waaay expensive, and about as
nutritious as cardboard. 

I'm running daily but I have no illusions that it won't be a shock to
the old system when I get out there for real. The transition
<underline>will</underline> be rough but at least I won't have to keel
over straight away. After that it's gonna be great and I'm really
starting to get stoked as the DAY rapidly approaches. Hasta la vista
and until then keep up them great posts!


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